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Leaders wield significant influence over individuals, not solely in terms of productivity but in various aspects of their lives. Over the years in multiple leadership roles (TL, Area Lead) at companies like Google and Apple, I have been exposed to different styles of leadership.

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Why I write

Leaders have a tremendous impact on every individual's life, not just in terms of productivity. That's why it's crucial to raise awareness about effective leadership styles. My experience at major companies like Google and Apple has exposed me to various leadership approaches. As I advanced in my roles, I maintained a list of dos and don'ts. However, I soon realized that leadership is a continuous learning journey. The day we stop adapting to people's changing needs, we become less effective.

Leadership Letters aims to spread awareness and build a thriving community where individuals feel empowered to make a positive impact. It's my platform to share insights, discuss challenges, and explore solutions. I commit to providing weekly content worth 10 minutes of your time, with no intention of profiting from it or selling courses in the future. My goal is to inspire more leaders to invest in this area, with the idea of spending 10 minutes to impact 24,000 minutes weekly.

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Feedback is a crucial part of leadership. If you don’t agree with something I say, please educate me. You have an option to share your thoughts and opinions in an email. Reach me at: akash[@]chromium.org

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Staff Software Engineer @ Apple, previously TL @ Google. Established leader in high impact, high performing teams. Helping you be a better leader to lead and sustain happy teams.